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phasorsoft provides a framework as well as a set of tools and technologies for team members to advance their knowledge, expertise, competency development, and education. Our commitment to aligning individual career aspirations with Varchas organizational goals provides the foundation for professional development.


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Discover the opportunity to join an international, dynamic, and responsible company that fosters the development of all its people and communities around the world. Every day, we challenge employees to achieve more and experience exciting careers.
we value team work, innovation, technology, creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership, positive values and attitudes.

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Current Open Positions

Job Posting title Location Job Id Job Details
Senior SAP SD Developer Flowood MS PHASORSOFTSSD001 View Job
Senior .Net Developer Flowood MS PHASORSOFTSND001 View Job
Senior SDET Flowood MS PHASORSOFTSDET001 View Job
Senior Data Engineer Flowood MS PHASORSOFTSDE001 View Job
Senior Big Data Engineer Flowood MS PHASORSOFTSBD001 View Job
Senior Java Developer Flowood MS PHASORSOFTSJD001 View Job
Senior Oracle Apps Developer Flowood MS PHASORSOFTSOA001 View Job
Java Developer Miami, FL | Irving, TX | Beaverton, OR | Chicago, IL | Reston, VA PHASORSOFT001 View Job
.Net Developer Atlanta, GA | Phoenix, AZ | Seattle, WA | Jersey City, NJ PHASORSOFT002 View Job
Business Analyst San Diego, CA | Flint, MI | Charlotte, NC PHASORSOFT003 View Job
Data Engineer Starkville, MS | Dallas, TX | San Francisco, CA | Syracuse, NY PHASORSOFT004 View Job
Atlassian Jira Admin Starkville, MS | Frisco, TX | Cupertino, CA | Columbus, OH PHASORSOFT005 View Job
Devops Engineer Starkville, MS | Tampa, FL | Seattle, WA | NYC, NY PHASORSOFT006 View Job
Java Fullstack Developer Starkville, MS | Tempe, AZ | Bellevue, WA | Boston, MA PHASORSOFT007 View Job
SAP Hybris Developer Starkville, MS | Columbia, SC | Philadelphia, PA | Hillsboro, OR PHASORSOFT008 View Job
Mobile App Developer Starkville, MS | Alpharetta, GA | Indianapolis, IN | Fort Collins, CO | Off-shore Remote: India PHASORSOFT009 View Job
Test Automation Engineer Birmingham, AL | San Jose, CA | Wichita, KS | Herndon, VA PHASORSOFT010 View Job
Jira Developer Starkville, MS | Dallas, TX | Columbus, OH | Los Angeles, CA | Off-shore Remote: India PHASORSOFT011 View Job
AWS Java Developer Starkville, MS | Champaign, IL | Salt Lake City, UT | Cambridge, MA | Off-shore Remote: India PHASORSOFT012 View Job
Hybris E-Commerce Architect Starkville, MS | Orlando, FL | Off-shore Remote: India PHASORSOFT013 View Job
Azure DevOps Architect Starkville, MS | Baltimore, MD | Boise, ID | Omaha, NE | Off-shore Remote: India PHASORSOFT014 View Job
DevSecOps with Cybersecurity Starkville, MS | Manchester, NH PHASORSOFT015 View Job
.Net Architect Saint Paul, MN | Off-shore Remote: India PHASORSOFT016 View Job
Cloud Big-Data Engineer Starkville, MS | Dover, DE | Minneapolis, MN | Off-shore Remote: India PHASORSOFT017 View Job
Sr. Salesforce BA Louisville, KY | Las Vegas, NV | Off-shore Remote: India PHASORSOFT018 View Job
HR Associate Starkville, MS PHASORSOFTINT019 View Job
Technical Recruiter Starkville, MS | Dallas, TX | Off-shore: Hyderabad, India PHASORSOFTINT020 View Job
Client Relation Associate Starkville, MS | Dover, DE | Minneapolis, MN | Off-shore Remote: India PHASORSOFTINT003 View Job
Accounts Associate Starkville, MS | Dallas, TX | Off-shore: Hyderabad, India PHASORSOFTINT004 View Job
Sr. Tech Recruiter Starkville, MS | Dallas, TX PHASORSOFTINT005 View Job
Business Dev Manager Starkville, MS PHASORSOFTINT006 View Job
Sr. Business Dev Manager Starkville, MS PHASORSOFTINT007 View Job